Dave Boettjer’s 3 Porfolio Site Evaluation


This site was done in Flash and is very appealing, probably one of the top portfolio sites I have seen.  Very nice color scheme using Black, White, and splashing different shades of Blue when rolling in or out of different menu options.  The site is very streamlined with the scrollbars moving around as you navigate.  Very easy to understand and view the designer’s work.


I liked the animation effects that play when picking different menu options, however while playing around on the site it crashed my internet and I lost all of the work that I was writing in this blog from a different window, made me very angry.  The layout is simple and the color scheme is kind of bland, the font is also very small in some areas.  This site was average in terms of design and functionality.


This site is rediculous… in a good way, it makes me embarrased of my own design skills to see how well and how far a site can go now days.  The launch page looks like its jumping out of your computer screen with ultra tight 3d effects, as you move the mouse it angles the 3d objects, very nicely done.  The color scheme is mostly white but it works well, however some more color could be effective.  This site is very interactive and at the same time quite easy to understand.  10/10


~ by daveboettjer on January 26, 2010.

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