interactive branding project

Note #1 – I will not be in class next week, neither Tues nor Thurs. You will have a sub who distribute new assignments and help you with homework. I will be checking your blog post to be sure you’ve done the homework and will email you with feedback. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Note #2 – If you are not happy with your mid-term grade, which is largely based on what I saw of your site on Thursday (which is when the coded homepage was due) you can improve your site and resubmit it on Tuesday. You will need to email me the files or send me the link to where it is on the internet. You have until the end of the day on Tuesday to get this to me if you want your grade on the project to improve.

Interactive Branding Project

The first step in the interactive branding project is to do decide on your focus company and begin research. Your assignment is to pick one and begin to develop the look and feel for the company based on the information below.

Focus company options:

  • Ganache – chocolate shop – high end, gourmet, located in posh NYC neighborhood, target market – affluent men and women, age 35+
  • Class Five – whitewater kayak equipment – extreme sports, outdoors, adrenaline, target market – predominately male, age 15-25
  • Darn Yarn  – yarn shop – DIY,, free-spirited, trendy, target market – predominately female, age 25-45

Homework due on Tuesday, post all of these to the blog:

  • mood board – Assemble a collage of images that defines the look, feel, and attitude of the company. You can use imagery found on the internet, magazines, or photos you take yourself. The images can be a mix of people products and just any items that you identify with the brand. Consider your target market and the over style and tone of the brand. I should be able to look at the board and get an instant sense of what the company is like, it should captures the feelings and emotions of the brand. Here are some examples:
  • research – Use the internet to find 5 competitor sites. Part of doing research is understanding what other competitors are doing and understand the brand, what they sell, how the make it, etc
  • color palette swatches – you can incorporate these into your mood board if you like
  • company name – I would suggest you use the ones provided above (Ganache, Class Five, or Darn Yarn), but you can create your own if you would like

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